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mark-integriert euch nicht 12 (unterton)

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mark: integriert euch nicht

Mark releases a new EP called Integriert Euch Nicht. "Fucking Sick Of Myself Since Day One (Hot Desk Mix)" and "Hats Off To Herr. F" were first performed at Mark's 2018 Berghain live set during Ostgut Ton Nacht. The former is a breakcore-adjacent call to arms for the self-loathing, the latter an Antarctic shiver of predator-mode IDM-illektro. "Integriert Euch Nicht (Commercial Jump Up Mix)" features singing from Blackest Ever Black alum Silvia Kastel and sax-like sounds from Wilted Woman playing the aerophone, an electronic woodwind instrument. Otherwise, it's Mark's most deliberately straight-ahead drum & bass track to date.

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