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mark pritchard-under the sun 2lp (warp)

Price: $33.99


mark pritchard: under the sun

Nobody but Mark Pritchard could have made an album like Under the Sun - because nobody has had the musical life that he has. This is an album forged from almost a quarter century of immersion and exploration in the most vital underground scenes the world has to offer, friendship and musical alliance with generations of the most important musicians alive, and hard graft in the studio under innumerable aliases. It's the sound of an artist confident of his ability to work in any genre or none, who is abreast of the most cutting edge sounds that culture and technology have to offer, but is deep rooted in the history of modern music and its production too. It ties together emotional memories of the countryside of the south west of England, particularly his native Somerset, felt strongly on the other side of the world, echoes of mythical and real pasts reverberating through the chord patterns of jazz, folk and electronic music, sensory deprivation and deep emotional introspection, all in a single ebbing and flowing musical stream. heavyweight gatefold jacket/printed inner sleeves/poster insert.

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