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m.b.-symphony for a genocide lp (rotorelief)

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m.b.: symphony for a genocide

Originally released in 1981. "The moral of this work is: The past punishment is the inevitable blindness of the present. Death camps were established through the process of dehumanized engineering, to destroy the will of the individual, and to create industrialisation of death. The modern parallel is to override the individual human choice through mass-media that established the city of death, in which marketing has become synonymous with mass destruction. A pathetic symphony for both is inevitable. To prevent physical destruction of the inner sound, I accomplished the noisy dignity of an electronic apparatus with the aim of prosecuting the masses minds that massacre and organize new dehumanization. Symphony for a Genocide is a pseudo-symphonic legislation that make no compromises with the modern musical de-evolution" --Maurizio Bianchi. "Battle green and black" vinyl. Limited numbered edition of 500.

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