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michael mayer-mantasy remixe 1 12 (kompakt)

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michael mayer: mantasy remixe 1 

2012 was a terrific year for Kompakt boss Michael Mayer, who released his sophomore album Mantasy. Here is the first EP of Mantasy remixes in a series of three. Philipp Gorbachev delivers a slashing rework of adrenaline-fueled synth-fest "Voigt Kampff Test." Barnt also tackles the track, dialing things back a bit, but only to reinforce the air of sheer magnitude that oozes from every single note. The Mole's beat-driven remix of "Baumhaus" takes the original to new heights of grooviness.

Michael Mayer - Mantasy Remixe 1 (Excerpts) by Kompakt

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