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mike storm-where the wolves come from 12 (chronicle)

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mike storm: where the wolves come from 

We are proud to give Mike Storm the twelfth entry in the series with ‘Where the WolvesCome From’. It begins ‘At Certain Points’, channeling the jazzy mid-2000s Mills of his most abstract era with subtle string swells, cosmic bleep patterns and equally subtle Detroit-style percussion lls. ‘The Day We See’ moves into morning, with its complex, melodic bass gures and shimmering strings taking the nocturnal intro into morning following a tense lead line that enters. Again referencing Detroit but falling closer to the dystopian feelings of contemporary Terrence Dixon, ‘New Light’ is an exercise in tension between taught drum lines, dissonant keyboards, and a metallic sequence pattern. Stripping down for the hunt, the title track stalks more aggressively, razor- sharp hats and growling bass accelerating as the predator closes in on its prey, an eerie forest wind bringing terror in its path until the final struggle.

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