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minus pilots-hitting up the heavens cd (eat, sleep, repeat)

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minus pilots: hitting up the heavens

Eat, Sleep, Repeat presents an album by Minus Pilots. The music on Hitting Up The Heavens is a perfectly balanced hybrid of ambient minimalism which is entirely unique and yet somehow strangely familiar. These are not songs in the conventional sense, either, but rather moods to sink deep into and ponder. The delicate crackle caused by the band's broken four-tack cassette tape recorder lays the grounding above which their clustered layers of sparse bass experiments float. Whether provided by dismantled bass notes or simple drone, the music here resides on par with fragile musings exhibiting a unique brand of minimalism that's breathtakingly engaging and attuned to detail. Hitting Up The Heavens is a beautifully understated album full of lovely textures. This is intangibly delightful and as moving as it gets. Glacial movements, indeed. The stunning cover art and booklet imagery that accompanies this CD were drawn by Parskid and then treated and assembled by Rutger Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek).

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