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mr.k-live in me/warm weather edits 7 (most excellent unlimited)

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mr. k: live in me/warm weather edits

The seventh 7-inch in Most Excellent Unlimited's series of Mr. K Edits combines a pair of lush midtempo modern soul gems, with both sides textbook candidates for a perfect set-opener. "Live In Me," from Rufus and Chaka Khan's 1979 Masterjam LP, was never released as a single, but that didn't stop it from becoming a fan favorite and warm-up classic for soulful DJs. Composed and produced by the legendary Rod Temperton and Quincy Jones, who were fresh off the completion MJ's Off The Wall when this was recorded, "Live In Me" is judiciously extended here by Danny Krivit without losing any of the graceful magic of the original. Philly jazz-funkers Pieces Of A Dream get another respectful Krivit extension on the flip side, with their gorgeous "Warm Weather." Written by maestro Dexter Wansel and featuring Barbara Walker on lead vocals, the laid-back pulse of this smooth '81rare groove mainstay has never fallen out of favor with DJs who understand the power of gentle persuasion.

side a:

side b:

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