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musumeci-schwarz morgen/zusammen lp (mannequin)

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musumeci: schwarz morgen/zusammen

Mannequin Records is proud to present one of the rarest and most unknown Italian minimal synth bands from the '80s. Musumeci were formed in Turin at the beginning of 1985, by Mauro M. (synthesizers, ex-guitar player of Rude Pravo) and Franco G. (programming, ex-noise-maker of Errata-S-Corrige). The group was founded as a link and expression of various experiences, aimed, at least initially, to highlight the individual personalities of the members. The formation settled after six months of testing with the final entry of Laura G. (ex-keyboardist of Rude Pravo) and Paul C. (voice of K Position). Musumeci were playing several shows, preceded by long monologues incorporated with space atmospheres, electrical scans, voices, screams, etc. Presented here are the two super-rare demo tapes that Musumeci recorded in 1985 (Schwarz Morgen) and in 1986 (Zusammen), on their own label, Zeltweg. Strongly recommended for fans of D.A.F., Severed Heads, Liaisons Dangereuses, Single Gun Theory, and Front 242. Artwork designed by Mushy and Alessandro Adriani. Limited edition of 300 copies.

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