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near the parenthesis-cloud.not mountain cd (n5md)

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near the parenthesis: cloud.not mountain

Cloud.Not Mountain is album number six for Tim Arndt's Near the Parenthesis. It is also the first to feature a more synth-laden experimental shroud. While Arndt's signature melodies are still ever present they're further obscured by textural adornments even more so than on previous Near the Parenthesis releases. The beatwork on Cloud.Not Mountain also finds Arndt treading new ground. Tracks like the opener Madrean, center piece Neume and title track Cloud.Not Mountain feature a more unsequenced and slightly fragmentary flow that is a welcome addition to the Near The Parenthesis percussive toolbox. Because of these new elements Cloud.Not Mountain shows a new perspective to the already classic Near The Parenthesis sound.

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