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necro deathmort-ep 3 ep (distraction)

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necro deathmort: ep3

Necro Deathmort live up to their clever moniker, laying down six tracks of trademark seismic doomstep and utterly bleak noisedronemetal with EP3, a regression to their earliest days when the style pundits at Vice wrote, "one minute it's Squarepusher, the next it's Sunn O)))." This is some dark occult shit, a fact reflected in the artwork, which shows an almost naked girl holding a goat's skull, her face dripping with blood. There may be runes behind her, but one can't quite make them out, what with all the darkness. The record opens with "Sedan," a face-melting mixture of a-ha intensity and ferocious Kraftwerk-esque vocals. How can a robot sound so pissed off and utterly misanthropic? Only NDM know. "Holy Prism" follows; it's like the soundtrack to some sci-fi horror shit. Then "Quandary" kicks in and the listener is left fighting for breath as the pummeling beats offer no respite, repeatedly landing blows to the face with their tiny drumfists. "The Regency" does little to soothe the listener's shattered nerves, sounding like a bulldozer pushing a planet into the biggest three-bar electric fire you've ever seen. "Sparks" follows and pushes the darkness to 11, sounding like "Rockit" by Herbie Hancock played by a church mouse in a Cylon helmet. The album concludes with "Tundra," which is, without hyperbole, the most bleak and harrowing music ever put on vinyl by any human. Some people may say the band has run out of ideas, which is utterly preposterous -- to make this record they used totally different keyboard presets and used extensive Lovecraft references, something never done before by a band anywhere, ever. This release forgoes the usual two-color splatter vinyl, instead taking the form of BLACK vinyl. For fans of: cool electronic shit, random occult imagery, tight jeans, trends, fashion.

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