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ninos du brasil-para araras 12 (hospital productions)

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ninos du brasil: para araras

Two extended productions from Ninos du Brasil (Nico Vascellari and Nicolò Fortuni), who follow their much-praised 2014 album Novos Mistérios with an oddly compelling blend of joyous theme-park music crossed with the chaos and explosive tension of mass street protests. "A Magia do Rei" is a rolling techno variant kinked with polyrhythmic shuffles, darkside synth strokes, and swooping subs, superbly rendered by Neel's mastering. "Algo ou Alguém Entre as Árvores" hits a different groove with a roiling, humid swamp of churning bass, scissoring syncopation, and layered voices, like an extended outtake from the Cannibal Holocaust soundtrack.

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