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norman westberg-jasper sits out lp (hallow ground)

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norman westberg: jasper sits out

Norman Westberg, near-constant guitarist for Swans since 1983, is also known for his work with Jarboe, Lydia Lunch, Foetus, Algis Kizys, and many others. Since the start of the so-called no wave scene in the early '80s in NYC, Westberg's unique and often very reduced guitar sound has been highly acclaimed. Jasper Sits Out is Westberg's first solo album on vinyl. It is a document of his exploration of guitar sound and texture. The two tracks are home-recorded and -produced and give the listener an intimate view into the artist's inner spectrum. "A soundtrack for inner debates": Side A beautifully utilizes layered guitar textures that flow in a mesmerizing crescendo, evoking a sensation akin to floating in the still waters of an ocean. Side B feels much more menacing and overwhelming, with its pummeling guitar crunch (doubling as percussion) transforming it into a sinking drone of sorts, constantly evolving as it rises and falls in variation. File under: drone/noise/loop/Swans. Art edition; limited to 100 copies. Each record contains a numbered and signed 8.5 x 8.5 inch two-color linoleum reduction print of Jasper.

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