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opera mort-dedales lp (alter)

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opera mort: dedales

Dédales is the second LP from Opéra Mort, following up their debut for the in-house label of the sadly-defunct Parisian record shop Bimbo Tower. The project is an ongoing collaboration between Jo Tanz and Laurent Gerard, two figures in the eye of France's contemporary avant-garde underground; Jo with his Tanzprocess label and Laurent with his Élg project. They also form two-thirds of the trio Reines D'Angleterre with the legendary French artist Ghedalia Tazartés, who will be returning to live performance later in 2014. The eight tracks on Dédales were edited down from a series of improvised live takes of abstract and otherworldy electronics, shifting the Opéra Mort sound into more focused territory and creating a musical language that's uniquely singular and a direct result of their close collaborative relationship.

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