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operations-possession 10 (desire)

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operations: possession

Electronic arts pioneer, activist and researcher Konrad Becker (aka Monoton) teams up with vocalist Sela for a project with a mission: unveiling Operations in a shadow world of mediated realities. Operations not only gives a voice to radical discourse, but also to bass lines and a deep groove. The four-track EP covers vocal tunes from the recent Operations performance series and short instrumental pieces for Theater of Operations. Based on Konrad Becker's Dictionary of Operations, the cinematic live-show evokes phantasmagoric spheres of information environments with pulsing street sounds. The EP's imagery is inspired by vaudeville soirées, conjuring miraculous wonders and 19th-century spectacles of new technology. Digitally recorded but designed in a 10" historic gramophone style, the record resembles artifacts from the enchanted twilight zones of circling quasi-objects. "Possession" is an eerily-deep tune followed by the chilled beats of "Enchantment"; the other side unleashes scary "Monsters on the Rise" tailed by the convoluted noise dub of "Interlude."

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