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outer space-ii lp (blast first petite)

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outer space: ii

John Elliot, operating under the moniker Outer Space IS one third of American nu-electronicists, Emeralds. Musically, this is an electronic smorgasbord of five trippy tropes that rip the inner light fantastic. II is the logical progression. It is an effort based on group format, and is an evolution from the debut Outer Space album. The central core of Elliott and Andrew Veres worked to arrange, record, and mix for a new direction and a new sound; headed down a path of cracked concrete and dissolving memory from the aether. Many different textures and composing methods are applied here, to make a more varied and spontaneous array of songs. Experiments ranging from looped, broken m-400, jagged rhythm beds, and modular synthesis. Severing the obsessions of death and anxiety, and creating a work based on "the current," and those involved in the process, II has a different feel with less claustrophobia and more breathable air. Imagine the sounds are a liquid, with different masses and changing color. II is first in a trilogy of sounds to be released in 2012. It's considered to be the second full-length effort by the project. Reality comes first here with a narrative of events that are real and happening right now. Close attention to detail reveals more than what is seen on the surface. The information is presented clearly; it's up to the listener to use the intelligence provided for full comprehensive understanding. Guest appearances by: Andrew Veres, Philip J. Whiteside, Drew McDowall, Jeff Hatfield and Adam Miller. Produced with Mellotron M-400 and synthesizer. Sounds mastered by James Plotkin. The artwork features gentle, acidic, shimmering drawings by Graham Lambkin. Printed on a deluxe mirror board and pressed on 150 gram vinyl. Limited edition of 1,000 copies.

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