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pachanga boys-we are really sorry 2lp+cd+dvd (hippie dance)

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pachanga boys: we are really sorry

After a couple of humble appearances on Kompakt's Total compilations and the first trilogy on their own label Hippie Dance, which was made out of marimbas, rhymes, time, and a mysterious girl named Christine, Pachanga Boys look back in their own history to present their first full-length album, an exhaustive recollection of their adventures on and off the road while finding their way to true Pachanga enlightenment. Formed by Superpitcher and Rebolledo, this tag team is famous for bending time and space, with the boys balancing exotic spices with hearty flavors, enticing any old mood rebel to take a big bite of happiness. Feeling inspired by old country and folk records, they also opted for a narration to link the album tracks, performed by the truly fantastic Dessagne Twins from Saint Etienne. Together with the masterfully-staged music, those two give you first-hand impressions of the Pachanga Boys' everyday life spent between Cologne and La Pitaya from 2009 to 2012 -- a life consisting of big city nights and mountain weekends, strange markets, dubious cantinas and powerful rivers, riding bikes, and driving around in German cars. Old machines, a wide range of percussion, vocals and field recordings form the sound palette of this simple story true to the Hippie Dance ethos: freedom before anything and everything goes. We Are Really Sorry also contains a DVD showing Pachanga Boys' first filmic attempt. Inspired by the Pachanga day-to-day life and created at the Hippie Dance Atelier, this lo-fi movie brings the album's story to colorful moving images. DVD is NTSC and PAL format. Running time: 59 minutes.

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