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patrick walker & inigo kennedy-3 stacked layers, from macro to meta 12 (inner surface music)

Price: $14.99


patrick walker & inigo kennedy: 3 stacked layers, from macro to meta

Inner Surface Music are very proud to present their fourth release with two stalwarts of the UK underground techno scene - Patrick Walker (Forward Strategy Group / Isodyne) and Inigo Kennedy. 'Data Distill" kicks off proceedings with tough but grooving rhythms snaking through twisted melodies and textural sound scapes. 'Parity Function' starts as it means to go on, the kick drum and groove has a major stomp to it, while spacey bell sequences play with the subterranean dub chords and metallic drones, building tension to the track and locking you in. 'XOR gate' is spaced out techno at it's best, driving dubby drum palettes build with the echoing bell sequences and cinematic strings, transporting you to scenes of a far away place.

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