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rrose & bob ostertag-the surgeon general 12 (eaux)

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rrose & bob ostertag: the surgeon general

Sandwell District's Rrose launches a new label with a follow up to "Motormouth Variations," last year's unlikely collaboration with legendary improviser and synthesizer pioneer Bob Ostertag (named one of 2011's top 50 albums by The Wire magazine). For the debut release on Eaux, Rrose searched through Ostertag's cassette archives to discover a lost gem of studio improvisation from 1977. "The Surgeon General" sees the barely post-teen Bob Ostertag exploring feedback techniques with an early Buchla modular synthesizer, tape delay, flute and violin. The results are uncharacteristically moody, spacious, and well ahead of their time. On the flip, Rrose provides two new revisions. "No Child Left Behind" is a noisy and hypnotic acid-laden beast designed for dancefloor damage, while "Her Insides Laid Bare" takes the original into murky subaquatic territory. Look for much more to come from Rrose and Eaux in the coming months.  white vinyl/printed disco bag

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