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perc-the power & the glory 2lp (perc trax)

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perc: the power & the glory

'The Power & The Glory' takes the Perc sound and expands it outwards in every direction. The rhythmic tracks pulse with more energy and bite than ever before, whilst the freeform tracks add a melodic and occasionally political edge to Perc's already expansive repertoire. The album features collaborations with two vocalists. 'Speek' includes a contribution from Nik Colk Void of Factory Floor (DFA/Optimo) whilst opener 'Rotting Sound' and lead single 'Take Your Body Off' feature Dan Chandler of London noise rock outfit Dethscalator. The last of these in particular is the kind of track that differentiates Perc from many of his peers. The piercing, guttural vocals, more akin to the short sharp shock of a metal performance provide the kind of sonic jolt techno used to trade in, yet which is rarely heard these days.

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