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peter gutteridge-pure 2lp (five four-o)

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peter gutteridge: pure

Peter Gutteridge is the man who launched a thousand Flying Nun bands. Founding member of The Clean, the Chills, the Great Unwashed, Snapper and the Puddle, Gutteridge released one solo album, Pure, on Xpressway Records in 1989, which was recorded between 1986-1987. It's a collection of fragments and completed songs recorded on a Fostex four track. They were all recorded to tape, ideas going down as they were made them up. I was my own technician. There were no studio bills or aesthetics to deal with. Recording in a studio after this experience was a frustration. Once in a while, I believe you become a kind of channel, even if slightly muddled. The tainted shamen? I don't know. What I can say is this record you're hopefully holding in hand had its genesis long before I ever picked up a guitar. I've always loved a dirty drone. Notes corrupted and split apart by the miracle of the sympathetic note. Bagpipe, chanters, organs, pianos, ad infinitum. Throw a few clear notes in and you achieve creation on your own terms. Link it up to the background hum of the universe doing its thing and you have hypnosis in a sound. Shmaya

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