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pfirter/dadub-universe/metropolis 12 (stroboscopic artefacts)

Price: $13.99


pfirter/dadub: universe/metropolis

ltd restock! The formidable Pfirter takes to the A-side on this split, and the two minds behind Artefacts Mastering, Dadub, take care of the B-side. Pfirter's cut, "Universe," is a 10-minute odyssey that's both militantly 4/4 and peppered with unpredictability. This is 4/4 that's optimized for those liminal moments during a peak-time set. Dadub's "Metropolis" is a cityscape rendered in all its complexity. It's panoramic in scope, knotty, and brilliant. It's pushed deep, reverberating with hazy memories.

Pfirter / Dadub – 'Universe' / 'Metropolis' [SA009]

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