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pheromoans-does this guy stack up? lp (upset the rhythm)

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pheromoans: does this guy stack up?

The Pheromoans are a six-piece experimental rock band from the South East of England who deal in deadpan DIY music. Wedded to the mundane, surreal reportage of our lives as reflected in the media, their music manages to address the truly restless boredom of everyday life. These are songs from underneath the ergonomic desk, a glimpse through the commuter window, blasted through with brilliant suburban sunshine. Over the last three years, the band have put out a slew of releases, including numerous EPs, 7"s and three albums through labels as diverse as Night People, Convulsive, Sweet Rot, Monofonus Press and their own imprint, Savoury Days. These releases largely focused on a ramshackle, wayward rock ethic, underpinned by lyricist Russell Walker's dry, observational musings. Does This Guy Stack Up? witnesses a slight departure from their sound of old. With the recent addition of keyboard/violin player Dan Bolger to the band, their songs have leaned into a more pop-balanced realm, with the band's experimental tape collage approach sounding more natural than ever. The bass (Christian Butler aka The Octogram), drums (James Hines) and guitars (James Tranmer, Alex Garran) together forge a coherent foundation for Walker's voice to ramble amongst the radiant synth and electronic flourishes. Central to the appeal of The Pheromoans are Russell Walker's insightful, often wonderfully humorous, self-deprecating lyrics that paint a picture of all of us as outsiders. Finding much material in the slow and steady decline of the 21st century and its vain pursuits, Walker isn't afraid to rattle the cage of populist politics. With Does This Guy Stack Up?, The Pheromoans deconstruct a very English sense of ennui and in doing so show us its nonsensical building blocks. This album proves The Pheromoans are at their best when shooting from the sidelines.

The Pheromoans - 'Grab A Chair'

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