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pierre antoine-kalabuley woman lp (hot casa)

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pierre antoine: kalabuley woman

Hot Casa Records reissues one of the best Afrobeat albums in history, containing two obscure and incredible tracks. Kalabuley Woman was composed by Pierre Antoine, an Ivorian artist supported by 15 band members, including the legendary Sammy Cropper on guitar, and Lola Everett on vocals. This fantastic album was recorded in Accra (Ghana) in 1977 and produced on the Ivory Coast by the famous label Papa Disco. Ahui Ngoran Marcel aka Pierre Antoine was born in 1951 in Aboisso, a city situated at 117 km from Abidjan, in the south-east part of the Ivory Coast, close to the Ghanaian border. His name Pierre Antoine is a direct tribute to the French artist "Antoine," as he loved to wear his hair long and had a cool, stylish jacket. In 1977 he settled down in Ghana where he discovered the most influential and prolific Afro-soul scene, and started to work with Pat Thomas, his wife Lola Everett, and the famous guitar player Sammy Cropper. During this period, you can hear the musical evolution of the artist, when he got really close to the Afrobeat arrangement and the Pan-African scene. The musical arrangements on this album are amazing and unique and include a hypnotic piano and a fantastic horn section. A must-have and a simply classic Afro-soul album.

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