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piezo-art attack gone wrong 12 (ansia)

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piezo: art attack gone wrong

After stand out releases in 2019 on Version and Wisdom Teeth, Piezo returns to Ansia with a new two-track EP Art Attack Gone Wrong/perccssszzzz. As has been evident with past records Piezo has always had a strong ear for using interesting sounds which have been expertly sculpted to create a unique sound universe. While releasing on other labels has allowed him to work closely with his peers the freedom of having his own label allows for him to explore his influences from the Italian rave scenes in a more direct manner. For this EP, these influences are streamlined into a techno-orientated sound palette with traditional four-on-the-floor beat patterns but with an approach more related to the sounds of Diagonal than Berghain. With "Art Attack Gone Wrong", the Milanese producer merges dancefloor efficiency with a playful approach to distortion, melody, and sound design, while on the flip you will find "perccssszzz", a no-frills heavy-swinged drum workout which, as the names suggests, refuses to include pretty much anything else than percussive elements. This time Ansia goes dark for the vinyl edition with white-ink stamped Tweetie on black label -- and last but not least, 180 gram vinyl cut deep and loud!

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