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polonaise-trocadero 12 (100% silk)

Price: $13.99


polonaise: trocadero

Scott Goodwin has elevated electronics through deliberate drone as Bonus and maximized minimal techno as Operative but with Avalon Kalin, the fine finder of Finesse, and tasty treater of Glass Candy, they've found a key-board to Portland paradise with Polonaise. The twosome remind that romance is alive and lively on Trocadero, a vibrant valentine to primitive piano-plush early house. As the San Francisco danger-disco-drug-dance destination Trocadero Club sucked you into its sparkle spectacle so, too, does this EP: down the K-for-Kraftwerk Hole into those chase-bassy Black and White balls, all trance tuxedos and superfluid Steinways. Polonaise patience keeps you measured and mindful, freely feeling a designed dance; the blueprint for boogie. Bot-bops and Polonaise sauce, eat it up

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