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prosumer-fabric 79 cd (fabric)

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prosumer: fabric 79

A native of Germany's Saarland, Achim Brandenburg is an avid consumer of classic house à la Chicago, Detroit, and New York, and a quality producer of timeless records. Prosumer's Fabric mix stands as testament to his impeccable taste and technique. Skillfully weaving definitive house tracks with groovier and deeper cuts, his selections unfold unpredictably yet with a perfect cohesion. With Fabric 79, underground hero Prosumer proves his penchant for presenting the classics in a fresh light. Artists include: George Acosta & Erick Paredes, Chez Damier, A Black Man, A Black Man And Another Black Man, The Traxxmen, Wilma, Titonton, Earth People, Linkwood, Kaptein Kaliber, The Knife, Tarantism, I-F, Shinoboy, Doms & Deykers, Domu, Crowdpleaser, The Jass Man, The New World Order, Murat Tepeli, Vice, Francis Inferno Orchestra, The Steoples, Tuff City Kids, Axel Boman, and Tommy McGee & E.R.A..

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