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prurient-through the window lp (blackest ever black)

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prurient: through the window

Through the Window is the new album by Prurient, his first for Blackest Ever Black. It is, in a sense, both the conclusion and the climax of the journey that Dominick Fernow began with 2011's Many Jewels Surround the Crown 7" and continued with that year's Bermuda Drain LP and Time's Arrow EP. It was recorded before the Hospital Productions founder's move to Los Angeles, but in tone, subject matter, and scale it firmly anticipates his current stint navigating the desert city's "hall of mirrors, sycophants, fair-weather friends and social vampires." The three pieces featured on Through the Window, including the 18-minute title-track, also represent the ultimate expression of Fernow's affection for European techno forms, and his ability to apply them to his own uniquely lacerating purpose. Unlike his claustrophobic, inward-looking recordings as Vatican Shadow, this material is widescreen, open, expansive. Nonetheless, the goal is exorcism and self-knowledge, not ecstasy. Through the Window is, at bottom, a work of true SM electronics. Music to listen to at night, in the hills, watching as headlights approach.

Prurient - 'You Show Great Spirit' by Blackest Ever Black

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