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r-a-g - dreadfully nervous 12 (m>o>s)

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r-a-g: dreadfully nervous

The R-A-G trio, aka Dutch producers Ma Spaventi, G-String, and Aroy Dee deliver three raw acid-jams with Aroy on the couch working the mic. The lyrics of "Dreadfully Nervous" are based on an Edgar Allan Poe story. "Dreadfully Nervous (Aryd's Acid Mix)" is a gurgling brew of squelchy acid with dark vocals and pinging cowbells pulling you in all directions. "Dreadfully Stoned" is more stripped back, with a rubbery arpeggiated synth the main hook over subtle, supple drums. The bright and glistening "No Soul" has metal hits and claps and prickly acid, all bursting out of dusty Chicago drums.

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