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various-dekmantel 10 years 06 ep (dekmantel)

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various: dekmantel 10 years 06

Dutch DJ, producer, and Dekmantel family member Young Marco kicks things off with a beautiful, melodic, waterfall of a track. Marco is in good company, as Dutch-based artist Suzanne Kraft crafts a delightful, ambient-meets-house, summer groove, that lives at the most relaxed of paces. Dekmantel favorite, and Dutch house institute Tom Trago finds himself in a moment of blissful summer haze, with soft, sonic-pallets and waving melodies. Concluding the record is long serving Dekmantel mainstay, and Rednose Distrikt main-man Awanto 3 with an analog and feel-good, electro-beat rhythm. This is the sixth release in the ten-part undertaking Dekmantel 10 Years.

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