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rebekka karijord-music for film & theatre cd (control freak kitten)

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rebekka karijord: music for film & theatre

Music for Film and Theatre provides a gorgeous, frequently lush experience. It's one to which Swedish musician/composer Rebekka Karijord herself often accurately applies the label "ambient": within the repetition of tracks like "Madrigal," "Salhus," "Migratory Birds" and "Morula" there's an undeniable Eno-esque quality, though inevitably Karijord moves in different directions from the godfather of the ambient movement. Elsewhere there are other comparably experimental excursions: the angelic choral vocals and Arvo Pärt violin of "Nowhere Home," the ethereal, mystical "The End," and "Kjaere Gud," which conjures up the remarkable ghosts of Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares. There are also airier tracks, like the placid, moving, yet strangely tense "Snö," the gentle piano strains of "Waltz for Norma," and "Anchor Boy," as delicately melancholic as anything Danish singer Agnes Obel has delivered. There will be more to come, too. Now that Music for Film and Theatre has been compiled, Karijord is currently working on a further three film projects, and has also begun work writing for her next album. For the time being, however, Music for Film and Theatre is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy another mesmerizing side to an extraordinary artist's talents.

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