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rex the dog-you are a blade 12 (kompakt)

Price: $13.99


rex the dog: you are a blade

Following his triumphant return to Kompakt with 2015's Sicko, Rex the Dog digs deeper into the circuits of his custom-built modular synth to deliver a powerful trio of sharply contoured jams. A true master of expressive might within a limited set of sounds, the acclaimed producer introduces the title-track with breezy, shimmering arpeggios that are soon joined by a weighty, throbbing bass drum. The raw, pounding synth stabs of muscular acid-fest "Musik Hypnotises" precede "Wasp Factory," which pairs raspy synths with kinetic drum rolls and boldly cut-up vocal samples in another deceptively simple arrangement trimmed to perfection for maximum effect.

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