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richard h kirk-urp vol 3 cd (intone)

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richard h kirk: urp vol 3

ltd restock. Third release in the Intone unreleased project series. Chilled beats, ambient funk and low-flying dub brings together nine previously-unreleased cuts, written, arranged and produced by Richard H. Kirk, known for his work as the architect of the Cabaret Voltaire sound. Recorded between 1995-1997 and edited, post-produced and sonically overhauled, URP Vol. 3 has all the elements that are needed to create good chill-out, and draws as its sources soundtrack/cinematic elements, classical music, dub and some lazy, funky grooves. Bringing together Kirk identities old and new, including some early Orchestra Terrestrial tracks alongside the more well-known Sandoz project. With design by The Designers Republic, this is a must-have for anyone who has the two previous pieces in the collection. Other aliases include: The Third Man, Dark Magus, Destructive Impact, Extended Family, and Nine Mile Dub.

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