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rip/eskorbuto-zona especial norte lp/mag (munster)

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rip/eskorbuto: zona especial norte

Zona Especial Norte (this was the code denomination that Spanish Guardia Civil and police gave the conflictive Basque region back in the 1980s) was a split album shared by RIP and Eskorbuto, two of the wildest and more radical punk bands from the Basque Country. The original record, released in 1983, was out-of-print for two decades and is one of the most sought-after LPs of the era. Munster Record's 2008 reissue quickly sold out, and now 30 years after its original release, the label (together with Spansuls/Lollipop, owner of the masters and rights) brings back in print this influential record -- a true sonic reflection of those difficult, tense, crude and rough years. This special reissue consists of a colored vinyl 12" accompanied by a 20-page fanzine full of pictures (many unseen), with fantastic liner notes by Roberto Moso, singer of Zarama, written in Spanish and English.

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