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robag wruhme-cybekks 12 (pampa)

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robag wruhme: cybekks

Robag Wruhme returns to Pampa following the whirlwind of acclaim for his 2011 album Thora Vukk. The wait was worth it; Cybekks EP finds Wruhme in stunning form yet again. "Cybekks" leads off with a weighty tread, thundering downward with heavy, robotic drums as cloud-like chords of suspenseful pads appear and disappear on the horizon. "Anton" returns to melancholic brilliance, with a lilting piano loop and subtle digital trickery that blurs the edges of each note. "Volta Cobby" reinvigorates the classic collision of tech, house, and stripped-back body music. "Anton II" draws on electronica with a pastoral feel.

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