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robert curgenven-transfixed cs (tapeworm)

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robert curgenven: transfixed

A1: various recordings of live performances in the UK from late 2011 remixed; pipe organ recordings from Cornwall from 2011-2013; a 78rpm acetate from 1927; series II resonating dubplates, stereo test LPs, generalized record and turntable abuse, industrial fans, custom-made low-and high-frequency oscillators. B1: pipe organ recordings from West and Mid-Cornwall, turntables, series II resonating dubplates. No electronics. Robert Curgenven (1974) is an Australian composer/sound artist currently based in Cornwall. His work draws on the physicality of sound, not just the physical impact on the body but how it can shape our perception of space and the dramaturgical flow of time. After many years living and working in the elemental vastness of the tropics and deserts of Northern and Central Australia and subsequently five years in Europe, relocating to Cornwall has facilitated a return to wild country and the pipe organ. The renewed focus on pipe organ comes following over 30 years of active engagement in composition, radio, and performance since his beginnings as a classically-trained organist. Edition of 150 copies.

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