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wouter van veldhoven-redundant/rotary/rotations cs (tapeworm)

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wouter van veldhoven: redundant/rotary/rotations

Wouter van Veldhoven has been fascinated by the imperfection of musical equipment since 2004 when his first sampler broke and he started collecting tape recorders, junk, and some rudimentary analog gear to create music with. After a few years of making experimental ambient he decided to try and turn his studio with modified, half-crippled tape machines into a repetitive beats production center. Here are the results. All tracks by Wouter van Veldhoven, using 24 reel-to-reel tape recorders used for looping, delay, reverse delay and editing and a Doepfer A-100 system, for filtering and switching things. Sound sources: tape-hiss, a broken valve radio, a defective '50s television set, self-resonating filters and sine wave generators. Recorded between February and June 2013.

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