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robert turman-beyond painting 2lp (fabrica)

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robert turman: beyond painting

Edition of 500 on 140 gram black vinyl, packaged in full-color gatefold jacket. "Now on vinyl for the first time, one of Robert Turman's most cohesive and hypnotic recordings from circa 1990. Robert Turman began making sound experiments in the early 70's employing reel-to-reel tape, cassette decks, ARP synth, drum sequencers, multiple string and percussion instruments, and whatever else he could scavenge. In the late 70's he co-founded NON (along with Boyd Rice), but left shortly after the release of Mode of Infection/Knife Ladder 7" to focus on composing and releasing his own music on limited edition, and now extremely rare, cassette tapes. Beyond Painting, with its 72 minutes of haunting lo-fi ambience, is probably one of Robert's most accomplished recordings so far. Layers of meditative synth loops, guitar, and eastern tinged melodies, all beautifully delayed, bring to mind blistering desert landscapes, high-tension cold war era spy action sequences, and dark cavernous sounds.

Preview: FABREC020 ROBERT TURMAN "Beyond Painting" 2xLP by Fabrica

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