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romperayo-s/t lp (discrepant)

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romperayo: s/t

Psychedelic cumbia discharges from Bogotá, Colombia. Romperayo's full-length debut reunites Pedro Ojeda (from projects such as Los Pirañas, Frente Cumbiero, Ondatrópica, and Chúpame el Dedo) on drums, percussion, and timbales; Eblis Álvarez (from internationally-acclaimed bands Meridian Brothers and Los Pirañas) on samplers and synths; virtuoso organist and pianist Ricardo Gallo on synthesizers; and renowned bassist and composer Juan Manuel Toro on bass. Romperayo's sound is a fast-moving musical journey through Colombian tropical folklore, a mischievous modern interpretation of the up-tempo rhythms of descarga and the psychedelic sounds of '70s cumbia. By cleverly incorporating urban sounds and sampling techniques into the tropical music of the past decades, Romperayo embodies Colombia's modern folklore scene. Artwork by Colombian artist Mateo Rivano. Cut and pressed at Optimal.

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