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sano-s/t cd (comeme)

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sano: s/t

Cómeme presents a 10-track epic from Sano. Sano is a devoted underworld utopian having realized his night-world fantasies with clandestine parties at Medellin's ghost-club Perro Negro where resides strangers, hustlers, tricksters doing their mischievous business while luring curious youngsters. It has been since Chupa! that Sano turned out to be a masterly conductor of such delicate mischievous spirits, and we all love to let them deceive us, as he transforms them into sounds as full of sweet malice as they are of sweet love. Just listen to "Matasanos": bad medicine. And then listen to "Me Without You": an international airport heart-crash jam. And then listen to "Paquidermos": ripped off from Juanito Alimaña's iPod. What else? "I Don't": Back to adolescence. "Contonéate": learned at Julita & Odile's palace in Paris. A James White & The Blacks enlightenment. "Anestesia": late-night painkiller jam. "Transilvania No Mercy" (feat. Los Malos): an asynchronous jam by the black river crew. Diegors is the keyboard slave, and Sano is on drums.

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