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sebastopol-assassin 12 (correspondant)

Price: $14.99


sebastopol: assassin

Frenchman Sebastien Bouchet is launching his brand-new Sebastopol project. New name, same deliciously deviant electronica: his debut is compiled with serious detail and a cool coherency of humanized textures, trippiness, and barbed, shadowy soul. "Assassin" shoots to kill with its pranged-out top-lines, gloriously wonked-out bass, and slurred vocal elements, while "Manethon" trips out on a broken note and melts into one of Sebastien's most magically far-out breakdowns to date. The remixers echo his unique creativity with two superb versions: Alessandro Adriani whips up dense layers of psychedelic tech on "Assassin", while Privacy adds a gritty physical crunch to "Manethon".

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