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senyawa-menjadi lp (morphine)

Price: $20.99


senyawa: menjadi

Experimental Indonesian duo Senyawa, fresh from burning down Berlin's CTM Festival (again), summon the Javan spirits with Rabih Beaini at the controls on Menjadi. Steeped in improvisational practice and known for their visceral live performances, the pair's sound combines Javanese folk and ritual music with metal and psychedelic influences. Rully Shabara's extended vocal techniques arc from guttural droning to frenetic chants and upper-register ululations, while Wukir Suryadi supplies dynamic instrumentation using the bambuwukir, an amplified bamboo zither of his own invention. Menjadi (meaning "to become") follows REDOSE 003EP (2015), containing "Di Kala Sudah" reworked by Buchla synth master Charles Cohen, and is the first in a series of Morphine releases produced by Rabih Beaini and scheduled for 2015, with artwork by Nathalie du Pasquier, curated and designed by Tankboys.

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