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severed heads-big saints reward (1988-90 dubs) 12 (optimo trax)

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severed heads: big saints reward (1988-90 dubs)

"For some it might be Kraftwerk, but for me, my favourite electronic pioneers are probably Australia's Severed Heads. They had several big club hits, the dub versions of which crossed over into the nascent house scene. 'Greater Reward (Dub)' (1988) has possibly the most beautiful piano in the history of dance music... I've slightly rearranged it for DJ use but haven't added anything. Side A includes the majestic original. 'Big Car (Crash Dub)' (1991) had possibly the heaviest kick drum I'd ever heard... 'All Saints Day (Saints Day Dub)' (1989) features future-looking sound design and hypno bass." --JD Twitch

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