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shelley parker & paul purgas-dual capacity ep (we can elude control)

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shelley parker & paul purgas: dual capacity

Dual Capacity is the first collaborative EP by London based artist Shelley Parker and curator and electronic musician Paul Purgas. The duo have presented performances at galleries, festivals and art fairs and the release represents their first officially recorded output. Dual Capacity was recorded from a series of live improvised sessions continuing their enquiry into the relationship between old and new media, hypnotic sonics and the accidental and emergent qualities of improvised performance. The project acts as a meeting point for Parker's background working with sound installation and digital technology alongside Purgas' exploration of customised hardware and analogue modes of production. Across the three tracks Dual Capacity explores the potential for dense rigid percussive structures to operate as a framework for non-grid based electronics. The recordings investigate aspects of texture and tonality alongside primordial and ritualistic approaches to sound and the continued influence of bass driven production. The material reflects the energy and immersive tension of their live performances acknowledging influences such as minimal avant techno, abstract drone and industrial noise. Released on July 9th 2012 Dual Capacity is the fifth release on the London based experimental electronics label We Can Elude Control founded in 2008 by Paul Purgas, one half of Emptyset, as a means of expanding dialogues between contemporary art, sound and experimental electronic music.

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