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shiken hanzo-the centipede ep (a14)

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shiken hanzo: the centipede

Four bullets to the head from a shōgun assassin with roots in d'n'b but fast evolving his own custom strain of minimalist sound-murder. "The Centipede" wears its junglism lightly, but is heavy in all other respects: a kind of low-slung, paranoid gangster-techno, ultra-dread and dub-cratered. "Menpo" and "OathKeeper" are just as murky and prickly-palm tense, but stretched and flexed and primed for the dance -- bass-drones flaring up like mardy cobras, beats fashioned from some impossible alloy of bamboo and hanzo-steel --before all shackles are shaken and total blast-off is achieved with "Oni".

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