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shinichi atobe - ship-scope 12 (demdike stare)

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shinichi atobe: ship scope

very ltd restock. Limited hand-stamped reissue. A massive personal favorite of Demdike Stare's, Shinichi Atobe's 2001 Ship-Scope 12" was the Chain Reaction label's penultimate release, and, with the benefit of hindsight, also one of its most sublime offerings. This necessary 2015 reissue arrives in the wake of Atobe's much-loved archival salvage, Butterfly Effect, which caused quite a ripple upon its release in 2014. Notable for its unusually sweeter, dreamier ambient tone, especially when compared with the rest of Chain Reaction catalog, this is a must-have for followers of the romantic streak in Ross 154, Convextion, and classic Chain Reaction.

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