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skullflower-fucked on a pile of corpses cd (cold spring)

Price: $16.99


The most remorseless, brutal Skullflower ever. Alternating between granular lo-fi primitive rock and granular lo-fi primitive power electronics, this taut disc is a chain mail glove of hate to any lazy minds who've tainted the air with describing Skullflower as "psychedelic." But that's not to say this is an all-out total assault. There are also moments of tender acoustic balladry, it's just that they don't exist. The remorseless brutal sound is primitive, but as detailed and rich as a blood-soaked medieval canvas, somewhere betwixt The Rita and Clandestine Blaze, but more brutal! Long live the New Flesh! Kether is in Malkuth, Malkuth is in Kether, but in a different way.

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