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spacemen 3-forged prescriptions 2cd (space age)

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spacemen 3: forged prescriptions

2018 repress. Forged Prescriptions is a double album by Spacemen 3, containing alternative takes and demo versions of songs from their album The Perfect Prescription (1987), plus some previously unreleased tracks. In his liner notes, Spacemen 3's Sonic Boom says this release presents the album's songs in their "full guitar-laden versions with all the layers of beautifully streamlined guitar, considered by us to be too hard to replicate live and therefore reduced for the original release. For me, this is where Spacemen 3's songwriting came to a head; many of these songs pre-dated Sound Of Confusion (1986), some were even recorded at both sessions, but I am still impressed mightily by Jason Pierce's lyrical genius on originals like "Walking With Jesus" and re-writes like "Come Down Easy" and his fluid guitar playing across the whole sessions."

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