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squarepusher-ufabulum ltd ed 2cd (warp)

Price: $17.99


squarepusher: ufabulum

Widely heralded as a 'return to form' legendary electronic artist Squarepusher has designed his latest LP as the next stage in his iconic lineage and as an awe inspiring live show. From the inception of Ufabulum, he has worked simultaneously on sound and picture. The project features a development of a longstanding aspect of his live work since 2005, the bespoke 'video-synthesiser' that generates imagery according to control data and audio input. Custom designed himself, the imagery for each piece has two components, one represented on a large LED screen and the other on a screen mount. CD version comes with a 12-page booklet featuring art from the live performance. includes the 'enstrobia' cd bundled in 2 digipaks, bound together  by an O card

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