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stave-black hills ep (standards & practices)

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stave: black hills

Following the blistering inaugural release from Talker comes the second release on the Standards & Practices imprint from label co-founder Jonathan “Stave” Krohn, who returns with 5 tracks of dark, visceral electronic music for the discerning listener. “Black Hills” and “TASC US” kick off the proceedings in fine style — pummeling drums underpinning harsh blasts of noise and bleak, greyscale atmospherics, while “In/Human” and “B5” on the flip take a different approach — 2 tracks not aimed at the dancefloor, but both retaining that cold, claustrophobic feel that characterizes much of Stave’s work. The brooding and sinister “Stave 17” closes the EP, moving into exciting new territory with an intensely cinematic sound.

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