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sterac-different strokes 12 (mote evolver)

Price: $13.99


sterac: different strokes

Dutch producer Steve Rachmad aka Sterac presents his first release on Luke Slater's Mote Evolver label, a series of hypnotic, uncluttered drum-machine experiments. The Roland 808 can feel like a tired cliché when it comes to techno, yet Rachmad's manipulation of the tool is nothing short of masterful. "Stroke 1" marches forward, steady and resolute, with heavily processed elements. Across "Stroke 2," the synths feel hazy and out of focus, jutting forward between Rachmad's stuttered rhythms; the track shares a celestial space-age feel with "Stroke 3." "Stroke 4" is a frantic percussive workout incontestably rooted to the dancefloor.

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